Month: December 2019

The Rev. Jerry True – December 22, 2019

  Click HERE for the video of this sermon In the Name of Almighty God, the great Shepherd of Israel and the God of Hosts; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  AMEN. There was once a certain married couple, let’s be really creative and call them Dick and Jane. One day Dick and Jane were involved

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Rev. Linda Taupier

The Rev. Linda Taupier – December 15, 2019

To watch the sermon click HERE We easily remember Doubting Thomas, right.  Today we heard doubting John the Baptist.  We tend to forget what Thomas went on to do following the resurrection as he turned out to be quite remarkable. John is best known for his dietary habits and clothing and the outrageous ways he

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Rabbi Mark Shapiro – December 8, 2019

For a video of this sermon click HERE The sermon starts with humming the Jeopardy “melody.” I guess you can guess that I’m a sucker for Jeopardy. I love the questions.  They are varied, easy, obscure, obvious, then difficult. I think it was last week that the big question closing out one of the episodes

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