A Letter from God to You

You are my greatest creation. You are my miracle Do not be afraid of starting a new life. Do not lament ever. Do not complain. Do not torment yourself. Do not get depressed. How can you be scared if you are my mira-cle? You are endowed with powers unknown to all the creatures of the universe. You are unique. No one is like you. You only need to accept the path of happiness, to face it, and to always go on to the end. Simply because you are free.

In you is the power of not binding yourself to things. Things do not make happiness. I made you perfect so that you could take advantage of your capacity and not to destroy yourself with superficial things. I gave you the power to think, to love, to determine, to laugh, to imagine, to create, to plan, to speak, to pray … I gave you the power to choose your own destiny, of using your will. What have you done with these tremendous forces that I gave you? It does not matter. From now on, forget your past, and use that power of choice wisely.

Choose to love instead of hating, choose to laugh rather than cry, choose to act instead of defer, choose to grow instead of consume, choose to bless instead of blaspheme, choose to live instead of dying.

And learn to feel my presence in every act of your life. Grow every day a little more in optimism of hope. Leave behind the fears and feelings of defeat. I am always by your side. Call me, find me, remember me. I have lived in you always, and I am always waiting for you to love you. If you will come to me some day … let it be today, at this time. Every moment you live without me is an infinite moment that you lose peace.

Try to become a child—simple, innocent, generous, a giver, with capacity for amazement and the ability to be moved by the wonder of feeling human, because you can know my love, you can feel a tear, you can understand pain …

Do not forget that you are my miracle. That I love you with happiness, with mercy, and with pity, so that this world you walk gets used to your laughing, as long as you learn to laugh. And if you are my miracle, then use your gifts and change your world, spreading hope and optimism without fear, because I am by your side.

With all my love,