An Oasis for Children

Vacation Bible School

The image that comes to mind when I reflect on this year’s and most year’s Vacation Bible School is that of oasis.  Here is a place of life-giving refreshment in the midst of dryness and death.  People come to the oasis and find what they need to continue their journey. Closer to home is the image of the marathon where volunteers offer cups of water to runners on their exhausting pace.

The folks who come to Vacation Bible School are often not the children we see each week in church.  They show up because members invite their neighbor’s kids to get on the van and show up at 9 a.m. each morning to munch on crackers and sip juice.  They then participate in activities and learn things they may have never known.

We may not see them ever again.  But for one moment, there is offered to all a simple story, a chance for the Holy Spirit to work, and some ideas that may stick.  Who knows when those children will hear the continuation of the story?  Who knows what they will take away and remember?  It is all part of God’s idea of spreading the kingdom like seeds in great extravagance.  We are grateful to have created a spiritual oasis that has given living water to thirsty hearts.


Fr. Mike DeVine