I’m new – and I have questions!

What does it mean to be a part of the cathedral community?

We say that in being together we are Gathered, Transformed, and Sent.

We use the word Gathered to mean that there is a God who calls us to be in community. Christ Church Cathedral is made up of people from a wide range of histories, cultures, and identities. God uses our diversity to better minister to one another, and to the world for which God cares deeply.We believe that in being part of a God-filled community, each individual is valued, healed, and becomes the person we are created to be. Jesus promised that “Whenever two or three are gathered together, I will be there with you.” We offer many ways to gather and discover the power of Jesus present among us. You are invited to join us and discover a place where you can find Jesus among us and where you can be found by Him.

People are changed—Transformed— by living as part of a faith community,  God’s love for us is real and experienced on many different levels. By sharing in the life of the church, people have experienced healing in body and soul. People have found a place where they no longer feel lonely and described their experience as coming home People have found a higher purpose beyond their individual lives, and in the process have experienced joy and peace. Walk with us for 6 months or a year, and you will see your life changed for the better from the inside out.

Sent means that God cares for us as Beloved Children and also cares for the world that God created. The eternal dream is for all God’s children to live together in a Beloved Community. Our faith is that someday, this dream will be realized. However, until then, God invites us to help make that dream a reality here and now. We are the hands of Christ in a broken world. God gathers and transforms us, so we will experience His love in our own lives, and be empowered to carry that love into our homes, our neighborhoods, our schools, our work…everywhere. We are sent to transform the world around us by action and charity, or by simply being a person of peace. Each of us has been given a gift, and God opens up ways for our gifts to be used to make the world a better place.