Invite, Welcome & Connect

Invite, Welcome & Connect Ministry
Invite, Welcome and Connect describes the living process of any given Christian community, and could be called Evangelism as well. The people in this group will be developing ways of bringing people already members of the Cathedral together with people who might become members. Sometimes there are practical things: trained ushers and greeters, events, and community building. Other times the emphasis will be on raising awareness among the members of how Christ has touched their lives through the ministries and activities of the church. Thus, when we come into contact with our friends or neighbors, they can be told of a reason (or two) why they should come and be a part of this living faith community. We are still forming this group, which clearly will have many different ways of working; and will welcome anyone who wishes to be a part of this vital ministry. Please contact The Rev. Michael DeVine, 413-733-1208 or email: ; or Francheska Jose, 413-218-8083 or email: