Music Ministry

Our music ministry is anchored by the Cathedral Choir, which rehearses for two hours every Thursday evening and sings weekly at 10am from September to June and on feast days and special occasions. The Cathedral Choir is composed primarily of committed adult volunteers, and it also includes seven choristers in grades 3-12 who are paid a small stipend. We offer several small musicianship classes at different ability levels using the Royal School of Church Music’s Voice for Life materials. The entire Cathedral community participates in the music ministry in one way or another: some from the pews, just listening; some singing in the congregation; and some in choirs.

The Bishop’s Choir School is an additional component of our music program that is geared toward children, providing music education through choral singing. By design, it is open to families from all religious backgrounds or none; the Bishop’s Choir sings only at evening services once per month, rehearsing weekly. This is an outreach program, supported by the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, and there are currently eight students involved.

Our music ministry seeks above all to perfect the praises offered to God by God’s people on earth, inviting people into the life of the church in the process. Through serving in our music ministry, children and adults gain a sense of purpose and contribution to the community. Our choirs lead the congregation in singing, making musical breadth possible and adding beauty to the liturgy. And among the choir members themselves, many form lasting friendships and a deeper understanding of key texts as they grow in musical and spiritual strengths. For more information about our music ministry, contact Bob Hansler at