Pastoral Care Ministry

The mission of the pastoral care ministry at Christ Church Cathedral is to provide loving and prayerful care and support for those individuals and families who may be dealing with life issues, spiritual concerns and other pastoral needs. Pastoral needs include those who find themselves homebound or hospitalized due to infirmity or illness; those who are experiencing loss, financial struggles, family conflicts; and other personal issues such as addiction, loneliness, or troubled relationships. Visitors may be Eucharistic Visitors (who bring the Holy Communion) or Pastoral Visitors (who do not bring the Holy Communion), or both. The Rev’d Barbara Thrall 413-437-4062 and The Rev’d Jerry True (413)-636-2770 are coordinators for the pastoral ministry here at Christ Church Cathedral under the leadership of Dean Callard. You may contact any of them if you feel a calling for this sensitive and grace-filled ministry.