Francheska Martinez

Canon for Community

Francheska Martinez has been an active member of Christ Church Cathedral since 2010, primarily working with the Hispanic community, and is the Canon working twenty hours a week at the Cathedral. Francheska is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and her parents are from Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic. Francheska received her bachelors in psychology with an emphasis on children psychology from the University of Puerto Rico in 2009. She currently works for the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance, “DTA,” and has spent a lot of time recently helping to settle the many Puerto Rican families coming into Springfield since Hurricane Maria.

In the Cathedral, Francheska has been involved in teaching Sunday School, working with the Youth, singing in the choir, and participating as a member of the Executive Committee and a delegate to the Diocesan Convention. She has gone several times on the Diocesan Mission Trips to the Dominican Republic.

As Canon her areas of responsibility include ministry with children and youth, staff liaison to the women’s group “Grupo de Damas CCC”, evangelization, and to minister to newcomers and visitors. Her dedication and desire to help others make her a great asset to the community.