This Week’s Message


A message from the Reverend Dr. Janet Zimmerman:

I have now been with you a little more than two weeks. I have had the opportunity to worship with you for four Sundays, if you count the Sunday in April that I visited before Tom left. I have had the chance to meet and briefly visit with you following our worship services, during times of fellowship in the library, and on an occasional encounter when you come to the cathedral for weekly business. What I know at this point in time is that I am excited to be able to work with deeply committed staff members who love this church and who love God. This Cathedral is blessed to be shepherded by wonderful leaders who are willing to give of themselves so this community can thrive. I am honored to be with you as you begin this reopening following our long winter of COVID. I am grateful that you continue to practice care for each other as the virus maintains a role in our lives. It is a special time as we come back together and rediscover all that we long for as a community of faith. I know you stayed involved as you could while the virus was rampant. And now each of us are sticking our heads out, looking around, and beginning to discover what it is that we have missed most and what it is that we have learned in this unprecedented time.

I am grateful for all of you who come to sing in the choir, to welcome all to the church either by serving as an usher or by making a point to greet others in our space. I am grateful for our acolytes who quietly bring a beauty to our worship by their gracious presence. I am grateful for all who make our place of worship beautiful by arranging flowers, by setting the altar table, and by staging the technology so that people from many different places can join in worship and see how good God is and how present God is even in these different circumstances.

Thank you for welcoming me. Thank you for putting on a nametag so that I can learn your name and you can learn the name of others. Thank you for being gracious as I learn the way of the Cathedral and get to know how to best love and serve God in your midst. I am deeply thankful for this time. Please know that you are in my prayers.